Monday, July 19, 2010


So here are more pictures of the dresser/nightstand and all of the decor items (PARTYLIGHT!!!) as well as some bamboo accents, rugs, and handmade okinawan glass flowers! Oh yea and the awesome hutch!!!! ;)

Also...BIG UPDATE!!! I found the matching chair to my IKEA Lillberg Living Room Suite!!!! And I also bought a used coffee/end table set from IKEA that TOTALLY goes with my lillberg birch has white frosted glass edges and ALOT of underneath display/storage area!!!! Got all three for $100!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!


Yes they are a bit large but if I end up using only the one end table I think it can work out well!!!! PLEASE EXCUSE MY MESS!!! The place I have been storing the furniture at has gotten a little overloaded! I think I am going to put the print covers on the loveseat and chair and put the black back on the sofa!! I think it will look great!! Oh and the coffee/end tables are from the Magiker Line at IKEA.

OH YEAA!! Here is the 99¢ TV Stand!!! Finally picked it up from Carthage...please exscuse the dust and dirt, I hadn't even had a chance to dust it off or clean it I just wanted to see what my puny little 26" TV would look like on it LOL IT IS MASSIVE!!! I think I'll have to upgrade a few inches!!!! :) As you can see, I already had to put some things on the sides to make it look better than it did!!!!

So yeaaa...I'll have more pictures up of my kitchenware and appliances soon! As you can see I'm happy that things are falling into place, as tomorrow is the "two week until" mark for the move-in!!!!!!!!


Celena said...

Love it ALL...even the loser laying on the couch in the plaid shirt! :) It's going to look great!

Ben said...

Damn you guys are getting a lot of stuff. So when you move in and marshall calls upon his friends for help the payment shall be received in pizza lol.

Kaylee said...

Lol yeppp we'll fed you :)

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